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Battling Pests: A Prepper’s Perspective

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pest control for prepper new zealand

Hey there, fellow prepping pals! Today, let’s chat about something super important but sometimes tricky – how to handle those pesky pests that can cause trouble for our gardens and homesteads. In the world of prepping, where being ready for anything is key, keeping our crops safe from these unwanted visitors is a big deal.

1. Knowing the Enemy: Identifying and Understanding Pests

Imagine this scenario: You’ve painstakingly cultivated your survival garden, envisioning a plentiful harvest to sustain you through the toughest times. Suddenly, pests descend upon your precious crops like an uninvited horde. In a prepper’s world, preventing and dealing with pests is a top-tier skill.

Identification is Key

New Zealand preppers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to dealing with pests in our gardens. Knowing the local foes is not just a smart move; it’s a game-changer. From the notorious cabbage white butterfly nibbling on our greens to the sneaky possums making a meal out of our fruit trees, understanding these Kiwi troublemakers is crucial. Grab a magnifying glass, observe your plants closely, and identify the telltale signs of pests. Each region has its own cast of characters. Once we’re familiar with our adversaries, we can tailor our defense strategies to protect.

Building a Pest-Resistant Environment

Building a fortress against these pests requires some ingenious thinking. Consider the local flora and fauna when planning your garden layout. Companion planting with  can act as a natural deterrent. Kiwi preppers often find success with aromatic plants, known to repel certain insects. Additionally, exploring traditional gardening techniques, such as the Three Sisters method, not only enhances soil fertility but also creates a harmonious ecosystem that naturally fends off unwanted visitors.

2. Stocking Up on Pest Control Essentials

As preppers, we understand the importance of a well-stocked arsenal. When it comes to dealing with pests, having the right tools at your disposal is essential.

Essential Pest Control Supplies

Make sure you’ve got some basic pest-fighting tools in your prepper supplies. Things like special powders, oils, or traps can be really handy. And don’t forget about routine checks! Regularly looking over your garden and fixing any problems you find can stop pests from becoming a big issue.

Regular inspection

Keep an eye out for any signs of pests. If you see something unusual, like chewed leaves or tiny bugs, investigate and take action. Being on the lookout helps you catch problems early and keeps your plants safe.

3. Keeping your food stores safe

Shielding is the key, and after some trial and error, I’ve found a strategy that works wonders. Storing your food supplies in mylar bags or airtight jars, paired with  oxygen absorbers, creates an barrier against  insects. But here’s the secret sauce – mylar bags alone won’t cut it against those rodents. That’s where plastic containers or buckets step in, serving as a rodent-proof fortress for your mylar bags. It’s like creating a double layer of protection, ensuring our prepper stocks remain intact and ready for action.

4. Staying Flexible in Pest Management

Prepping is like a journey that’s always changing, and dealing with pests is no different. Bugs change, and our plans need to change too. Stay informed, talk to other preppers, and be open to new ideas about stopping pests. Remember, in the prepper world, we like to say, “Be ready to change your plans or be overwhelmed.”

So, fellow preppers, by making our prepper spots tough for pests, we’re not only keeping our food safe but also setting the stage for a strong and self-sufficient future.



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